Free Consultations · Available 24/7 · 212-710-5166
Free Consultations · Available 24/7 · 212-710-5166

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open and fully functioning during this difficult time. We are available to meet new or existing clients in person with the proper precautions, or via video chat, Facetime, Skype or telephone. Please call or email us to discuss your options.

Criminal Defense

Skilled, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Konta, Georges & Buza is a full-service criminal defense firm. We represent clients from all walks of life who have been charged with nearly any crime. From arrest through trial and beyond (when necessary), we are ready to defend your rights, preserve your reputation and resolve your criminal charges in the most favorable manner possible.
Some firms focus on plea deals and want to resolve each case quickly, to move onto other clients. That’s not how we do things. We thoroughly prepare each case to give you all available legal options. We are not afraid of complex cases requiring extensive discovery, and we have significant trial experience. In short, we do what must be done to deliver the level of legal representation you need and deserve.

Charged With A Crime? We Can Help.

These are just some of the many types of cases we see on a regular basis:

Bringing Diverse Experience To Every Case

In addition to our years in private practice working on numerous high-profile cases, our lawyers have a broad range of experiences in New York’s criminal justice system. Earlier in his career, attorney Robert Georges served as a prosecutor in the Bronx and in Manhattan. Attorney John P. Buza is also a former Manhattan prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases. Attorney Adam Konta previously served as a public defender in New York City.

All three of our firm’s lawyers have worked in both the private and public sectors. We understand the challenges our clients face, and our experience allows us to examine cases from all angles.

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Located in downtown Manhattan, Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C. serves clients throughout New York City. For a free discussion of your case with one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys, call us at 212-710-5166 or send us an email.