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Drug Offenses

Charged With A Drug Crime? You Need Skilled, Experienced Criminal Defense.

Whether you are charged with possession of a controlled substance or facing more serious charges for controlled substances that are also classified as narcotics, a conviction can have a long-lasting impact on your life. You could face felony charges and a lifelong criminal record, but a skilled criminal defense attorney could help you defend yourself against these harsh penalties.

Our attorneys at Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C., understand the challenges you face. With thousands of cases, an extensive history of success and experience in both prosecuting and defending criminal cases, our lawyers have the experience you need when you have been charged with a drug crime.

If you have been accused in any of the five boroughs of New York City, we can help you defend your rights and protect your future.

The Consequences Of Drug Charges In New York

The punishment following a drug conviction can be harsh even if it is your first offense. First- second- and third-degree sale or possession of a controlled substance are classified as felonies and could lead to significant jail time if convicted. Fourth- fifth- or sixth-degree sale or possession of a controlled substance and seventh-degree possession are more common drug offenses but can still damage your career, your housing opportunities and your future.

When you face drug charges in New York, those charges could fall into one of the three following categories:

  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance
  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • Crimes involving marijuana sale or possession

No matter what type of drug charge you face, the outcome of that charge could depend on having an accomplished attorney by your side.

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