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Non-Violent Crimes

Non-Violent Crimes Attorney in Manhattan

What Is a Non-Violent Crime?

Whether a crime is considered a "violent" crime or a "non-violent" crime is a significant distinction under New York law. Violent crimes tend to carry harsher penalties than non-violent crimes, but depending on the charges, being convicted of a non-violent crime can still result in hefty penalties. An experienced Manhattan criminal defense attorney is critical any time you are accused of a crime in New York City or the five boroughs.

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An Overview of “Violent” & “Non-Violent” Charges

The New York legislature has classified different crimes as either "violent" or "non-violent." Non-violent crimes are classified as such because they do not involve causing physical harm to a victim.

For example, Robbery in the First and Second Degree are considered "violent crimes" because they involve theft of property as well as causing physical injury to a victim; Robbery in the Third Degree is considered "non-violent" because only property is stolen without any physical harm coming to a victim.

Penalties for non-violent crimes typically involve a fine and/or jail sentence, depending on the severity determined by law:

  • Class D non-violent felony: No jail with probation - 7 years maximum jail sentence
  • Class C non-violent felony: No jail with probation - 15 years maximum jail sentence
  • Class B non-violent Felony: 1-3 years jail sentence minimum - 25 years maximum jail sentence

Non-violent drug crimes are typically charged with harsher penalties, and can result in lengthy jail sentences.

We can defend you against charges for the following non-violent crimes:

Non-violent crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, and can involve victims or not. For example, escaping from being held in custody is a victimless, non-violent crime. Any form of non-violent theft crime, however, would still involve victims; the damages aren't physical, but are measured by how much property value was lost.

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