New York State Criminal Defense

New York State's laws that cover criminal conduct is particularized and unique. New York's criminal laws are governed by the New York Criminal Procedure Law, the New York Penal Code, and by common-law court precedent. The courts of New York are as complex as they are historic and famous. If you find yourself forced to be in a situation where you have to be in a New York courthouse, you will need an experienced New York City criminal defense attorney to help you navigate these complexities. The District Attorney's Offices that prosecute criminal accusations in New York have a lot of power and they have a seemingly infinite amount of funding. When they set their sites on you as the target of a criminal investigation or prosecution it is terrifying. This is especially true when they are simply wrong about a series of assumptions that they made about you or the accusation. Irrespective of how serious the accusation or how seemingly strong the evidence is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In New York, there is always a fair chance that a good lawyer can achieve a great result for you.

The Law Office of John Buza, PC represents individuals, families, and businesses in New York City and surrounding counties in all aspects of pre-arrest and post-arrest criminal litigation. This includes pre-indictment proceedings, post-indictment proceedings, motion practice, trial, as well as all post-judgment proceedings, including appeals. John Buza is an experienced New York criminal defense attorney who has literally litigated thousands of cases. Mr. Buza started his career working for the Honorable Robert M. Morgenthau as an Assistant District Attorney in New York County. As a Manhattan prosecutor, Mr. Buza handled just about every kind of case imaginable from white-collar and identity theft crime, to property crime, to violent gang-crime and narcotics conspiracy. These cases where handled by Mr. Buza from their pre-arrest investigations through arrest, motion practice, trial, and sentencing. Mr. Buza took this enormous experience into the private sector and applies it as a criminal defense attorney in helping those in need.

As an experienced New York criminal defense attorney, Mr. Buza has handled just about every type of case imaginable and has achieved truly remarkable results. These results were achieved in spite of seemingly long odds of success. Examples include complete dismissal of all charges in cases including felony drug sale, felony possession of weapons, welfare fraud, robbery, burglary, and other countless crimes where the District Attorney's Office fought hard to incarcerate Mr. Buza's clients, but lost. Mr. Buza was able to achieve this and other successes by not only using his first-rate knowledge of the law, but by also providing top-level advocacy for his clients.

If you find yourself the target of an investigation or are actively being prosecuted by a District Attorney's Office in New York, do not hesitate to contact John Buza, an experienced New York criminal defense attorney today.

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