Practice Areas

John Buza is an experienced NYC criminal defense lawyer. As a former prosecutor with the New York County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Buza has handled every type of case imaginable from white-collar cases to drug cases to violent crime cases. John Buza left the District Attorney’s Office to start his own practice so he can take the specific training and experience he learned as a prosecutor and apply it to help those in need. John Buza has practiced criminal defense in the courts of all five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island), several surrounding counties (including Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk, and Albany), and in the federal courts of the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Mr. Buza has handled numerous drug conspiracy cases on both the state and federal level, numerous allegations of violent crime including Conspiracy to Commit Murder, stabbings and shootings, and numerous white-collar crimes including welfare fraud, healthcare fraud, and mortgage fraud.

Since leaving the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Buza has had an unparalleled amount of success in advocating for his clients. John Buza’s unique and deliberative method of advocating for his clients makes them feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are in good hands. Mr. Buza understands that in defending a criminal case, the emotions are high and pressure is intense. As difficult as defending a criminal case is, the most vexing part for a client is being informed regarding what is happening. To that end, Mr. Buza makes himself available to all his client’s at all times and takes special care to explain all the facets of the case, the implications, and the applicable strategy.

From low-level misdemeanors to serious violent felonies prosecuted on both the state and federal level, every case matters and every case is handled with the requisite amount of skill and care that is expected. When a person is placed in handcuffs it is a truly terrifying situation irrespective of the charges, the prosecuting agency, or the penalty.

John Buza’s unparalleled success as a New York City criminal defense attorney includes complete dismissal of charges including Welfare Fraud, Felony Drug Sale, and Felony Criminal Possession of an Illegal Firearm. For a complete list of recent results, please free to click on this link to see the kinds of results John Buza is capable of achieving for his clients.

What makes John Buza unique is his wealth of experience in defending criminal cases. Many lawyers who appear in court fancy themselves a jack-of-all-trades. When you retain John Buza to represent you, you are retaining a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in criminal defense. His unique skills amassed over years of practice are particularized in the field of criminal law and police misconduct allegations. As a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases on both sides of the courtroom, Mr. Buza has a unique ability to analyze a case from the inside-out and predict with a stunning degree of accuracy the strategy likely to be employed a prosecutor, what arguments are likely to be successful in front of a judge and jury, and how to handle a case so that the best result possible is achieved.

If you find yourself the target of an investigation or you or a loved on is currently being prosecuted for a crime, do not hesitate to contact John Buza, an experienced New York City criminal lawyer immediately.

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