Significant Cases

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People v. L.C. — Client found NOT GUILTY of criminally negligent homicide by Manhattan jury where DA presented evidence client was young drug dealer who sought payment from elderly buyer.

People v. T.P. — MISTRIAL declared following 3-month gun trafficking trial where we asserted both a jurisdictional defense and a defense to the substantive charges.

People v. A.R. — Client found NOT GUILTY of all charges and released following a year in jail awaiting trial by a Manhattan jury of a violent felony gun possession charge despite the police officer’s testimony that he observed the client pull a gun from his waistband and run from the scene. The People also played video surveillance footage that showed the client putting a gun under a nearby vehicle.

People v. P.Z. — Client found NOT GUILTY by a Manhattan jury of all felony charges despite the accuser’s testimony that the client strangled her unconscious and then burglarized her apartment to pressure her not to testify in court against him.

People v. C.C. — Client found NOT GUILTY after trial by a Manhattan jury of Persistent Sexual Abuse despite the police officers testimony that they observed the client rubbing his hand up against a woman’s backside while on the subway. The officers also testified that they observed the client’s pants down and his erect penis out when they stopped and arrested the client on the subway platform.

People v. L.C. — High-profile forcible rape case DISMISSED on speedy trial grounds based on a motion brought by the defense when the People failed to bring the case to trial a third time following 2 hung jury mistrials. Case received press coverage in The Daily News and New York Post.

People v. C.C. — Client found NOT GUILTY of Attempted Murder by a Queens jury following a two week trial even though the arresting officer testified he observed our client fire the gun numerous times into a crowd of people and then throw the gun to the ground where it was recovered by the police. Case received press coverage in The New York Post and The Rockaway Wave.

People v. T.P. — Case DISMISSED on the eve of trial against our client who was indicted for Robbery in 2nd Degree and faced a life sentence after our investigation showed the client was not the person who committed the crime.

People v. J.P. — Case DISMISSED against our client who was charged with Attempted Murder for a stabbing. The case was dismissed before it was presented to the Grand Jury after our investigation revealed to the District Attorneys Office that the police had arrested the wrong person.

People v. H.K. — Client ACQUITTED by a Manhattan jury on the top burglary charge that carried a potential life sentence and convicted of only the lesser charges after our cross-examination raised questions as to the complainant’s credibility.

People v. M.E. — Client ACQUITTED after a bench trial on the top count of Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child and avoided a possible life sentence after he was only convicted of the lesser charges.

People v. N.S. — Federal gun possession charges DISMISSED against the client in the Southern District of New York where our suppression motion demonstrated the police were not credible and did not have consent to search.

People v. I.F. — Vehicular assault charges DISMISSED in Brooklyn against our client who was accused of striking a parking garage attendant with his vehicle after our investigation revealed the attendant had made certain false statements specifically to help his pending civil case.

People v. M.S. — DWI charges DISMISSED against our client even though he was arrested in the driver’s seat with the engine running because the People could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

People v. O.K. — Assault charges DISMISSED against our client, a lower east side bar owner, who was charged with striking a taxi cab driver after our investigation showed the complainant was not credible.

People v. L.H. — Grand Larceny charges DISMISSED against our client, an employee of a national department store, who was wrongly accused of stealing merchandise.

People v. W.C. — Felony narcotics possession charges DISMISSED against our client even though he was seated in a vehicle next to the drugs.

People v. A.W. — Client received TIME SERVED following a mistrial during which it was revealed through defense questioning that an important police witness was, at the time of trial, under indictment himself and therefore could not testify. Case received press attention from DNA INFO.

People v. W.M. — Negotiated a MISDEMEANOR PLEA and no further jail time during jury selection of a high profile felony trial. Client was charged with acting as a lawyer to defraud many non-English speaking immigrants. Case received press coverage in The New York Times.





A plaintiff’s verdict and then a high six-figure settlement for a client who was beaten by Corrections Officers at Riker’s Island who then falsely arrested him to cover it up. Client was held in jail for three years before he was acquitted of the criminal charges.

A plaintiff’s verdict after trial for a client who was wrongfully arrested by the NYPD and charged with involvement in a drug sale.

A six-figure settlement against the MTA for an assault and wrongful arrest of our client by an MTA Police Officer in Long Island Railroad area of Penn Station.

A successful settlement for a woman wrongly arrested and charged with bringing drugs into Riker’s Island when she was visiting her husband.A successful settlement on behalf of a man wrongfully arrested for attempted murder at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.

A successful settlement for a man wrongfully arrested by the police twice in a short period of time right in front of his own apartment building.

A successful settlement for our client who was falsely arrested and charged with possessing a controlled substance.

A successful settlement for our client who was wrongfully returned to prison after the halfway house he was assigned incorrectly reported he had failed a drug test.

A successful settlement for a family of four who were all falsely arrested following the execution of a Bronx narcotics search where our clients were wrongly charged with possessing narcotics.

A successful settlement against the NYPD for falsely arresting our client for driving a stolen vehicle when he was actually driving his employer’s vehicle.





A pending lawsuit against a prominent accounting firm for their liability stemming from the theft by a former partner of the firm of a significant amount of money over a number of years from our client under the guise of performing accounting and tax services.

A $2 million dollar settlement against the City of New York, the NYC Department of Education and others on behalf of a young boy who was sexually abused by a NYC school employee over a number of years and on many occasions.

A successful settlement following jury selection in Kings County for our client who fell and injured her knee requiring surgery on a sidewalk where Con Edison was doing repair work and failed to maintain a safe sidewalk cover.

A six-figure settlement against a Tribeca bicycle shop for negligently repairing a client’s bicycle causing an accident in which the client suffered serious elbow and hand injuries requiring surgery.

A successful settlement for our client who was the passenger in a NYC taxi cab who sustained a broken wrist when another vehicle crashed into the cab.

A successful settlement for our client who was injured while walking on a Manhattan street where a restaurant negligently caused to open the access door to the basement in which our client fell causing serious injury.

A successful settlement for our client who was seriously injured when he was forced to swerve his bicycle away from a cab that had erroneously allowed a passenger to exit on the street side of the vehicle.

A successful settlement for our client, a high school student, who suffered a broken leg at a gymnastics class in Nassau County where the studio was negligent in securing the exercise mats to the floor.

A successful settlement for our client who was injured while crossing the street in Manhattan when a vehicle negligently ran over her foot.

A successful settlement for our client who was injured when she was caused to slip and fall on wet flooring inside a Bronx hospital where she was visiting her husband.