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Former New York City Prosecutors

Civil Rights Case Results

  • A $3.2 million settlement against an upstate New York school district for negligence involving a high school teacher who sexually abused two female students where our investigative efforts revealed a third student who had complained about the teacher.
  • A $499,000 settlement against a well-known accounting firm after a partner at the firm stole money from a client that was intended for the payment of taxes resulting in our client’s taxes not being paid for several years.
  • A high six-figure settlement following a jury verdict for a client who was beaten by corrections officers at Riker’s Island who then falsely arrested him to cover it up. Client was held in jail for three years before he was acquitted of the criminal charges.
  • A six-figure settlement against the MTA for an assault and wrongful arrest of our client by an MTA police officer in Long Island Railroad area of Penn Station.
  • A six-figure settlement for two Bronx brother’s who where wrongfully arrested and held in jail for three before they were acquitted of all charges.
  • A plaintiff’s verdict after trial for a client who was wrongfully arrested by the NYPD and charged with involvement in a drug sale.
  • A successful settlement for a woman wrongly arrested and charged with bringing drugs into Riker’s Island when she was visiting her husband.
  • A successful settlement on behalf of a man wrongfully arrested for attempted murder at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.
  • A successful settlement for a man wrongfully arrested by the police twice in a short period of time right in front of his own apartment building.
  • A successful settlement for our client who was falsely arrested and charged with possessing a controlled substance.
  • A successful settlement for our client who was wrongfully returned to prison after the halfway house he was assigned incorrectly reported he had failed a drug test.
  • A successful settlement for a family of four who were all falsely arrested following the execution of a Bronx narcotics search where our clients were wrongly charged with possessing narcotics.
  • A successful settlement against the NYPD for falsely arresting our client for driving a stolen vehicle when he was actually driving his employer’s vehicle.